We are the #1 PET plastic bottle scrap buyer in Valenzuela City

  • Pet Bottle Scrap Buyer In Valenzuela
  • Pet Bottle Scrap Buyer In Valenzuela
  • Pet Bottle Scrap Buyer In Valenzuela
  • Pet Bottle Scrap Buyer In Valenzuela
What Our Branch Offer: Our warehouse in Lawang Bato, Valenzuela city accepts bulk buying of empty PET bottle scraps and sheets only, we do not produce resins or flakes in this branch.

P.E.T Bottle Recycling

Saves Us from pollution, helps our mother nature
1st process


From empty pet bottles

PET Bottle Recycling
Instead of landfilling we recycle empty PET bottle from curbside bin, PET bottles are collected, sorted, processed and cleaned which greatly reduces the greenhouse gas and carbon emissions impact.
2nd process

Our Process

Using Our State Of The Art Recycling Machines

PET Recycling

Cold Washed Pet Flakes

You may expect around 1% of moisture in cold washed PET Flakes and it comes as transparent in color.

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Hot Washed Pet Flakes

Hot washed flakes are also clear or transparent in color and use in producing household products such as carpets, etc.

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Pelletized or Pellets are heated to a molten liquid that can be easily extruded or molded into items of practically any shape.

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3rd process

Final process

Stage That Reshape the recycled PET plastic

final process
With the right machine and solution flakes and pellets can be turn into sheets and fiber that can be use as raw material to produce more useful products.
4th process

End products

Finally products that are safe to use

According to Wikipedia, Bottles made out of polyethylene terephthalate also called as PET or sometimes PETE can be used to make products, such as carpets, t-shirts, jackets or other lower grade products.
Shoes made from recycled PET plastic
Jackets made out of recycled PET plastic
PET bottles made out of recycle PET bottles
Food trays made out of recycled PET Plastic

We buy

scrap PET bottles & sheets

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